How much money did Nazis hide in Switzerland?

It is difficult to say exactly how much money the Nazis hid in Switzerland during World War II, as much of the information about these transactions is not well documented and some of it has been lost over time.

During the War, Switzerland was a neutral country and had a policy of strict banking secrecy, which made it an attractive destination for individuals, including some high-ranking members of the Nazi party, to deposit their wealth and assets. It is estimated that a large amount of money, gold, and other valuables were transferred to Switzerland by the Nazis, including looted gold from occupied countries.

After the war, the Swiss government conducted several investigations and audits to determine the extent of the Nazis' financial activities in the country, but the exact figures have never been made public.

It is estimated that the Nazis may have transferred several hundred millions of dollars in today's currency to Swiss banks. However, it is hard to have a precise amount due to the lack of records and the complexity of the transactions.

It is also important to note that after the war, Swiss banks and the Swiss government have been criticized for not doing enough to track down and return assets that were deposited by the Nazis or stolen from Holocaust victims.

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