What country is the most corrupt in the world?

Corruption is a complex issue that affects many countries around the world, and it can be difficult to determine which country is the most corrupt. There are several organizations that regularly rank countries based on their level of corruption, such as Transparency International and The Heritage Foundation. These rankings are based on a variety of factors, including the ease of doing business, government transparency, and the rule of law.

According to the latest Transparency International's corruption Perception Index (CPI), Somalia, South Sudan and Syria are currently considered to have the highest levels of perceived corruption. However, it's important to note that corruption is a complex issue and can manifest in different ways in different countries, so it's important to consider multiple sources of information when assessing a country's level of corruption.

It's also worth noting that corruption is a global issue and it's not just limited to developing countries, developed countries also face corruption challenges, and it's important to acknowledge and address corruption in all its forms.

According to the latest Transparency International's corruption Perception Index (CPI), several European countries have a relatively high level of perceived corruption. However, the most corrupt country in Europe is considered to be Belarus, with a score of 28 out of 100 in the index, which is a score that is considered "highly corrupt"

Other countries in Europe that scored low in the index include, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and some of the Balkan countries.

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