Bolsonaro supporters have stormed the National Supreme Court in Brazil.

Live Updates: Brazil Election Protesters Storm Government Offices Jair Bolsonaro supporters invade Brazil's presidential palace and Congress in Brasilia

Bolsonaro's angry supporters charged into Brazil’s Congress and presidential offices on Sunday.

Lula is currently on an official trip in São Paulo state.

Bolsonaro left Brazil for Florida 48 hours before the end of his mandate.

Lula was in Sao Paulo for the weekend and on a trip to the interior of the state.

In his inauguration speech, Lula vowed to rebuild a country in "terrible ruins".

He decried the policies of his predecessor, who went to the US to avoid the handover ceremony.

Hundreds of supporters of the former president have stormed the National Congress building as well as the presidential palace and the Supreme Court. His backers have refused to accept leftist Lula's election victory.

Bolsonaro supporters have stormed the National Supreme Court in Brazil.Photo: Twitter

Supporters of former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro are reportedly invading the country's presidential palace, Congress and ministries' building, according to witnesses.

Images on social media show what looks like thousands of people, many draped in the yellow and green of the Brazil flag, streaming up the steps of the National Congress building in the capital city.

Hundreds of supporters of far-right ex-president Jair Bolsonaro stormed into Brazil’s Congress on Sunday one week after President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva's inauguration.

According to local media, large numbers of protesters managed to invade the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, the Supreme Court and the Presidential Palace.

According to Brazil's CNN, far-right supporters, who have been demanding for a military coup since Jair Bolsonaro lost the country's presidential election, managed to storm into the Presidential Palace, the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies, as well as the Supreme Court.

The area around the parliament building in the capital had been cordoned off by authorities, but ex-president Jair Bolsonaro backers who refuse to accept leftist Lula's election victory broke through, marched up ramps and gathered on a roof of the modernist building.

The invasions capped months of protests by supporters of Mr. Bolsonaro, who have been camped outside military bases across the country, and had called on the armed forces to take control of the government and halt the inauguration of Mr. Lula.

There are reports that protesters have also broken into the Presidential residence, Planalto Palace, and the Supreme Federal Court.

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