WSJ fixed the headline, can you fix the rest of the article?

WSJ - need to write a new story how politicians failed SBF hard earned….

There will be no thorough investigation as both sides are involved and don’t want to be exposed for corruption

The gaslighting could be more gentle, delicate, and yet even more efficient to hide the fraud under the carpter. But instead the lies are so obvious, in plain sight. It's pure provocation, evil. To what ends ? It begs so many questions. The amount of destruction they are doing to the little bit of reputation they have left for this snake is really something.

The moral and intellectual bankruptcy of WSJ matches only that of FTX. SBF ran what was effectively a Ponzi scheme that cost investors billions. But his donations to the Democrats washes his crimes. This is not journalism. This is MSM running a PR op for a political donor.

After all this settles, remember all those news outlets who were shilling us the SBF cult while simultaneously writing hit pieces on the evil Chinese Binance/CZ. WSJ, Forbes, CNBC, Reuters, etc. They are all complicit, and they will get away with it as they always have.

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