Omicron variant found in 38 countries so far according to WHO

The World Health Organization confirmed on Friday that the Omicron variant is present in at least 38 countries, as initial research suggests that the strain is more contagious than the delta variant, albeit with mild symptoms.

Furthermore, rather than falling or stagnating, the variant’s infection rate appears to be rising.

“We do see an increasing growth rate, we see increasing numbers of Omicron being detected,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s Covid-19 technical lead.

“There is a suggestion that there is increased transmissibility, what we need to understand is if it’s more or less transmissible compared to delta,” Van Kerkhove said, adding that the Delta variant remains more prevalent across the world.

In better news, there is evidence that the symptoms from the Omicron variant are only mild, although that remains inconclusive at this stage.

That is the view of an official at the WHO.

Maybe someone should tell government officials who appear to be responding, as ever, by implementing draconian measures.

In England, people who do not wear a mask in shops and on public transport could face fines of £200 as the government brings in new measures aimed at slowing the spread of the Omicron variant.

Meanwhile Germany has imposed a lockdown on unvaccinated people as European health officials warn the Omicron variant could overtake Delta in the next few months.

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