UK terror alert raised to ‘severe’ following explosion in Liverpool 

The UK government raised its perceived terror threat level to “severe” on Monday after a fatal explosion outside a hospital in Liverpool was confirmed as a “terrorist incident”.

“Severe” is the second-highest level behind “critical”.

The reason for the risk level, according to a senior counter-terror police officer in the UK, was that the blast outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital was the second incident in the space of one month.

The explosion set fire to a taxi outside the hospital in Liverpool, killing the passenger, while the driver of the vehicle escaped with injuries.

On October 15 David Amess, a Conservative MP, was stabbed to death in what was considered a religiously-motivated act of terror.

Following both incidents, the threat level has been established as a “precautionary measure”, according to Matt Twist, deputy assistant commissioner at London’s Metropolitan Police, and was not a result of “any specific threat”.

Twist added: “Whilst there is absolutely nothing to suggest any link between these incidents, the fact that two terror attacks have happened in relatively quick succession will have contributed to the intelligence picture that is continually being assessed by JTAC, and subsequently has led to the threat level increasing at this time.”

Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister, soon appeared on TV screens to say that British people would not be “cowed by terrorism”.

Four men have been arrested in connection to the attack, while “significant items” have been located upon a search that took place at a house in Liverpool.

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