COP26 disappoints as India and China stand their ground 

Expectations were low ahead of COP26.

What was anticipated was world leaders posing for photo ops without achieving much in the way of substance, then swanning back to their respective home nations in fancy private jets.

According to many, this would be a generous description of how the summit in Glasgow went.

Gretha Thunberg for one was far from impressed by the efforts of politicians and urged climate activists to seek solutions outside their remit.

It was always going to be a big ask for the summit to meet the world’s expectations.

COP26 did, however, manage to get 197 countries to agree on new rules limiting greenhouse gas emissions, although China and India resisted pledging to end their use of coal and fossil fuel subsidies.

This dealt a major blow to those more hopeful of the outcome of the summit in Glasgow being a positive one.

Alok Sharma, a British MP and the President of COP26, held back tears as he spoke of the “deep disappointment” at the agreement that was ultimately reached.

In better news, it is the first time that coal or fossil fuels have been referred to in a COP agreement.

Nations also reached agreement on rules that will govern the 2015 Paris climate accord, which aims to keep the global temperature rise well below 2C.

India and China have made it clear this time around that they have other priorities.

Climate activists will be hoping that by November 2022, when Egypt hosts COP27, all countries will be uniformly and urgently pressing for action.

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