Dave Portnoy suspended from posting on Twitter as Penn stock remains down

Dave Portnoy suspended from posting on Twitter as Penn stock remains down

Dave Portnoy confirmed that he has been temporarily suspended from Tweeting after posting a screenshot of an email conversation between him and the global editor of Business Insider. As the fallout from a Business Insider article on Portnoy’s sex life continues, the businessman posted an email exchange as an Instagram story, inviting Nicholas Carlson to discuss the issue on a podcast.

“I got suspended from posting on Twitter for 12 hours for posting this. Keep in mind Nicholas Carlson posted my actually [sic] home address,” Portnoy wrote following the ban. Last week, Business Insider reported that two women claimed Portnoy was too rough with them during sexual intercourse, as well as filming them without their consent.The story also revealed that an additional woman was suicidal following a sexual encounter with Portnoy, who has been fighting back over various media channels since the piece was first published.

Penn National Gaming, an operator of casinos and racetracks based in Pennsylvania, which owns a 36% stake in Barstool Sports, a company founded by Portnoy, saw its share price dive around the same time as the allegations came out. However, it is also true that its Q3 earnings, released in early November, failed to meet expectations. Prior to being banned, Portnoy suggested on Twitter that insider information may have played a role in a trade that was made betting against Penn stock.“So @hblodget is CEO of @BusinessInsider and sits on board of @MorningBrew,” Portnoy said. “Hes been banned by SEC for life. There was also wildly unusual shorting $penn stock the day before the hit piece dropped. Would financially savvy crooks be capable of profiting from this inside info?”

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