China is struggling to keep Covid under control 

Rewind back to October 2020 when China was being lauded as the first major economy to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

After the virus first emerged in Wuhan in December 2019, lockdowns were lifted by early April as the country slowly re-opened factories and businesses.

However, fast-forward to November 2021, China is struggling to eliminate Covid-19, causing pressure to build on policymakers who are turning to authoritarian measures.

The world’s second largest economy is seeing outbreaks which compare to the early days of the pandemic, as 74 new infections were recorded for Saturday by China’s National Health Commission, according to the Financial Times.

The current outbreak of cases has now reached most of the country’s 31 provinces.

This means, as confirmed by Chinese officials, that the country will continue to follow its strict measures as other nations move away from their own zero-Covid policies.

It comes as the CCP’s Sixth Plenary Session will be held in Beijing between November 8-11.

Heihe City, having held an epidemic press conference earlier this month, said that they would be setting up traffic checkpoints on a number of roads in and out of the city to control people coming to and from the local area.

Hotels will be used as quarantine sites and will be overseen by the epidemic control team 24 hours a day.

For those quartining at home, local authorities sealed their doors or put door sensors in place to stop them from leaving.

There are also reports of panic buying from the southern Changzhou City of Jiangsu Province, where people have been emptying the shelves of local supermarkets.

“People are mainly grabbing rice, cooking oil, instant noodles, and dried noodles,” said a staff member of a local supermarket, as reported by Zero Hedge.

Who knows what the real Covid numbers are in China. According to official statistics from the Chinese government, fewer than 5,000 people have died from Covid-19.

However, since the beginning, the CCP has covered up the reality of the pandemic, and there seems to be a sense of restlessness emerging on the part of the Chinese people as a result.

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