States fight back against Biden’s vaccine mandate

Texas fought back against the Biden administration on Friday, arguing that its vaccine mandate for private companies is unconstitutional.

A petition has been put forward by the state attorney general Ken Paxton, which will be reviewed by the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Paxton confirmed his intention to follow up by filing a motion to ask the court to stop the mandate from coming into effect.

Paxton has described the vaccine mandate as “a breathtaking abuse of federal power” and “flatly unconstitutional”.

Attorney generals from a handful of other states, including Louisian, Mississippi, South Carolian and Utah, joined the petition, alongside a number of companies.

OSHA, which oversees workplace safety for the Labor Department, made the vaccine mandate under emergency authority, which allowed them to not follow standard protocols, thereby condensing the time taken.

Emergency authority can be used by OSHA if the Labor secretary believes workers face a serious threat of danger from a new hazard.

“A virus that has killed more than 745,000 Americans with more than 70,000 new cases per day currently is clearly a health hazard that poses a grave danger to workers,” a Labor department solicitor said.

Despite the Labor Department's concern for American workers, it seems many of them are more fearful of overreach by the federal government.

Not to mention the possible exacerbation of supply chain issues, as further US workers could choose to leave the workforce if they do not comply.

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