US Department of State offers $10 million for information on DarkSide hackers

The U.S. State Department offered a reward for information that could identify members of the hacker group DarkSide.

For information about the organizers and leaders of DarkSide, the American authorities are ready to pay up to $10 million.

In addition, the State Department has offered up to $5 million for data leading to the arrest of individuals involved in the DarkSide ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline.

Earlier in May 2021, hackers attacked the Colonial Pipeline Company, which supplies about 45% of the population of the US East Coast with fuel. Due to the ransomware attack, the operation of the pipeline was disrupted.

According to the media, Colonial Pipeline, attacked by hackers, paid a ransom of about $ 5 million in cryptocurrency (75 BTC) within a few hours after the attack.

In June, the US FBI returned most of the ransom paid. How exactly the department got access to the ransomware Bitcoin wallet is not reported.

Nevertheless in October, experts discovered that bitcoins were being withdrawn from the hackers' wallets, which received funds after the attack on the Colonial Pipeline.

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