44% of voters say Brexit is bad for the UK economy

Nearly double as many voters feel that Brexit is having a detrimental effect on the UK economy compared to those who think it is a positive for the country's finances.

That is according to an Opinium poll carried out during the week of the UK’s most recent budget announcement.

The survey comes as the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), a non-departmental public body, said the impact of Brexit would far outweigh that of the coronavirus pandemic.

Richard Hughes, the chairman of the OBR, said that Brexit would slash the UK’s potential GDP by around 4%, while the pandemic would shave off “a further 2%”.

Opinium’s findings are aligned with other recent polls, including research conducted by Ipsos MORI.

Many Brits now consider Brexit and the pandemic as the biggest issues facing the country.

According to the Opinium survey, 44% of Brits think Brexit is having a negative impact on the economy, while 25% believe it has been positive.

Additionally, amid high levels of inflation and supply chain issues, 53% of people feel Brexit is having a negative impact on prices in shops, while only 13% feel it is having a good effect.

However, inflation remains higher in the eurozone than the UK, suggesting that some of those views could be misguided.

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