Tension builds ahead of COP26 summit

The UN secretary-general did not mince his words ahead of the upcoming COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

António Guterres said that countries are “utterly failing” to stick to their goals of the Paris climate accord and that the world was “still on track for a climate catastrophe”.

Guterres specifically criticised the lack of detail in a number of longer-term ‘net-zero’ pledges without naming any specific countries.

“Obviously an announcement for 2060, without a programme for how to get there, well, it has the value that it has,” he said.

The comments allude to the possibility that the pledges are political tools used to curry favour on the world stage rather than meaningful ambitions.

The Paris climate accord, signed by 197 countries in 2015, seeks to keep global warming below 2C.

A report by the UN said on Tuesday that current commitments to reduce carbon emissions mean that the temperature of the planet will rise by 2.7C this century.

It is a stark warning from the UN which is clearly trying to get its point across on the matter.

Pressure will now be on governments to make additional pledges but how substantive will the commitments be?

UK prime minister Boris Johnson said on Monday it was “touch and go” whether the talks would lead to the agreements necessary to meaningfully address climate change.

On the one hand, the UN and governments across the world are ramping up fear. On the other, they will be arriving and departing on private jets, and patting themselves on the back for any agreements they reach, regardless of the substance.

In January 2019, 1,5000 individual private jets flew to and from airfields at a Swiss ski resort when world leaders met at Davos to discuss urgent action on climate change.

The optics do not sit well with many.

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