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Could Ted Cruz be the first Bitcoin presidential candidate?

When it comes to Bitcoin, Ted Cruz, the Senator from the lone star state of Texas, appears to know a thing or two.

Cruz, who previously ran against Donald Trump to be the Republican presidential candidate, spoke at length at the Texas Blockchain summit last week, with a specific focus on Bitcoin’s credentials around harnessing energy both across the world and within Texas.

“There were a lot of things that went wrong,” said Cruz at the summit, referring to the winter storm earlier this year that killed over 700 people in Texas.

“But I do think Bitcoin has the potential to address a lot of aspects of that,” he added.

Cruz made three key points during his remarks. Firsty, he noted that miners can mitigate wasted natural gas by mining off grid. Secondly, he said that miners can respond to spikes in demand by returning energy to the grid. And finally, Cruz alluded to the ability of miners to capitalise on stranded renewables.

“He has the most enlightened perspective on the issue I've ever come across from a policymakerer,” said Nic Carter.

In 2016, Ted Cruz came second in the Republican primaries to Donald Trump with 551 delegate votes out of 1,237 needed to win.

This time around, albeit with Trump hinting at another run, could Cruz have stumbled upon the missing ingredient?

The SEC has made it clear it has no intention to ban Bitcoin and who knows what level of popularity the cryptocurrency could have as 2021 draws to a close on the back of a possibly spectacular bull-run.

If Cruz can combine his established following with an inflow of crypto-enthusiastic voters, he may well be on to a winner.

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