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Jim Cramer To Crypto Investors: I’m Begging You To Sell

CNBC Mad Money Jim Cramer is no outsider to crypto. He tweets almost every day on stocks and cryptos, bringing up interesting and sometimes very brave views on crypto and his crypto investments. Previously Cramer has revealed that he is both Bitcoin and Ethereum hodler. And when he took profit, Cramer had indicated his return into crypto world. Now we know that Cramer loves crypto, but now as a very experienced trader, he recognized the top and urges everyone to sell cryptos.

Jim Cramer believes there is always a bull market somewhere, and he wants to help you find it. But this time Jim Cramer turns bearish on crypto. Cramer is known among the traders for his lightning ideas, he has been involved with the stock markets since he was in the 4th grade, and since then worked in Goldman Sachs, before starting his own hedge fund. You should not ignore him and his knowledge of the markets.

Cramer is well-known for his strong opinions on crypto and now in his CNBC Mad Money column, he is literally begging his audience to sell cryptos.

“I know the crypto-lovers never want to hear me say sell, but if you’ve got a big gain as I did, well, I’m begging you to,” Cramer said. “Don’t let it become a loss. Sell some, stay long the rest, then let’s wait and see if China changes its attitude toward an Evergrande bailout.”

“The problem with tether is that it’s backed by various holdings and roughly half of those are commercial paper — short-term loans — and much of that is believed to be, but we don’t know, Chinese commercial paper,” Cramer warns.

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