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TV mistake goes viral: Olaf Scholz wins as predicted

German TV mistakenly shows projected election results days before the actual voting.

German speaking TV viewers were left surprised when a news ticker appeared to a popular quiz show "Gefragt — Gejagt" (Asked — Chased) the projected results of the German election two days before polls opened. Drawing concern and baseless claims of election rigging, mostly from the far-right leaders.

The viral video has since shared on social media that shows the ticker appearing for 7 seconds before disappearing from TV screen. German public TV ARD apologizes for showing projected election results, calling them fictitious.

The TV channel ARD aired a first projection for the upcoming German election on a news ticker on Friday evening - two days before the actual date.

Social media and Whatsapp users, including German lawmakers and supporters of AfD, had been quick to jump on the obvious TV mistake with a baseless suggestion that the incident revealed the broadcaster's intention to rig German elections.

The projection could be seen around 6:30 p.m. (Berlin time)

and reported an alleged projection of the election results from the future Sunday 5:46 p.m:

Union would get 22.1%, SPD 22.7%, AfD 10.5% and FDP 13.2% of the upcoming vote. Before the results for the Left and the Greens were displayed, the TV switched off the news ticker again.

ARD apologized, claiming that the projections were part of “a test” that “accidentally went on air.”

Germany’s outgoing and the long-serving chancellor Angela Merkel won't participate in Sunday’s election. Her CDU party is still suffering setbacks in regional elections and seeing its popularity falling amid criticism of the government’s handling of the migrant crisis and coronavirus pandemic.

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