New James Bond is too long, but the last 5 minutes will SHOCK you

New James Bond film premieres at Zurich Film Festival with SHOCKING ENDING! “No Time to Die” earlier on Tuesday wrapped its world premiere and initial press screenings, with audiences seeing it simultaneously in London, New York and Zurich.

The new James Bond movie No Time to Die receives its world premiere at the Zurich Film Festival in Switzerland and London tonight.

Daniel Craig's final James Bond film has finally had its world premiere in Switzerland, 18 months later than planned because it was delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

No Time To Die is the British actor's fifth performance as 007. The movie industry is watching closely to see how No Time To Die will perform at the box office, and if it can tempt fans back in large numbers now that most cinemas have reopened.

Here are some facts about the new James Bond film:

James Bond consumes the highest number of alcohol drinks in this spy film. How much alcohol is too much? The science is shifting. But James can drive a boat and even a plane after 5 drinks.

Unfortunately, it is really extremely LONG, actually the longest Bond movie of them all: 163 minutes! It's too long, unnecessarily toooo loooong for an action movie like James Bond, maybe it will be good for Netflix, cut into 5 seasons?

Hollywood often resorts to national stereotypes when portraying movie villains, this time there's no difference, the ongoing depictions of Russian characters as villains has a good tradition, but it's really pity that one of these Russian villains is played by a Swedish actor David Dencik while the Academy Award winner Rami Malek tries to bring back the energy of the legendary Skyfall villain Raoul Silva portrayed by Javier Bardem but profoundly fails.

Rami Malek appears as the main Bond villain Mr Safin, don't confuse him with a Russian tennis player Marat Safin.

Rami's villain is mysterious and a bit boring. Rami Malek's performance is a way much weaker than the ones brought by Christoph Waltz or Mads Mikkelsen, and Rami stays mysterious till the end, indeed. Just as another mysterious fact that Mr. Safin (portrayed by the Academy Award winner Rami Malek) looks still the same 20 years later. How come? Mystery! Or maybe a screenwriting mistake?

And we don't want to spoil the movie it but the last 5 minutes will literally shock you. You come glad to have James Bond back after all these years and then this.. No, time to die.

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