Crypto Dot Com Collapsing has repeatedly transferred millions of dollars to the incorrect users. It sent 320k units of Ethereum token to the crypto exchange. The crypto community speculates that probably the exchanges were assisting each other in forging asset certificates.

The 'market' now realizes many more will unfortunately follow

For the second time,, one of the prominent crypto exchanges, has ‘mistakenly’ transferred millions of dollars to the wrong address.

You start to wonder...who's next? "My bet is on Crypto . com" - This author writes

Remember. Never keep your assets in Centralized Exchanges. May that be Binance, Cryptocom, Kucoin and etc.. It is not your assets if you don’t keep the keys.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, spokesperson clarified that the whitelisted address on was owned by Regardless, Marszalek confirmed that returned the funds to’s cold storage and reassured the investors that new processes and features were implemented to prevent a reoccurrence.'s Preliminary Glimpse of Token Reserves Reveals 20% in Shiba Inu CoinAs large crypto exchanges push to prepare “proof-of-reserves” audits, an initial effort reveals just how much of’s reserves are in the dog-inspired meme token, SHIB.

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