NFT goes Fitness

A fitness application has been inspired by play-to-earn games and offers incentives for crypto enthusiasts who get moving.

Play-to-earn has taken the world by storm — and now, financial incentives are being extended to fitness apps.

A motivational fitness social application has been created that boasts GameFi elements — encouraging users to put on their NFT sneakers and enjoy the fresh air.

AMAZY says its ambition is to get people to step away from their screens — and given how crypto enthusiasts tend to be heavy tech users, this can be no bad thing.

The project's campaign is already getting momentum — and support from influencers, celebrities and bloggers alike. Collectively, these stars have a total audience of more than one billion subscribers.

According to AMAZY, many move-to-earn applications suffer from a high degree of centralization, which isn't healthy in the long run. It wants to ensure all NFT interactions are moved to the blockchain, and a DAO has been established so users can vote on proposals to improve the game further.

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