Charlie Munger praises CCP for banning Bitcoin

America’s ruling class has more in common with China’s than they care to admit.

Aside from Charlie Munger that is.

The billionaire investor has been full of praise for the CCP, specifically alluding to its decision to ban all activity to do with crypto.

“The Chinese made the correct decision, which is just simply to ban them,” Munger said in an interview, as reported by the Australian Financial Review on Friday.

His comments follow the Chinese government’s decision to outlaw crypto trading and associated institutions from operating within the country.

“They’re acting in a more adult fashion,” Munger said. “They were right to step down so hard on corruption.”

Seemingly without a hint of irony Munger said that people in crypto “are not thinking about the customer; they’re thinking about themselves.”

The crypto community ferociously hit back at the nonagenarian over social media.

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