ConsenSys founder Joe Lubin teases MetaMask token

Ethereum co-founder and head of ConsenSys Joseph Lubin hinted that his company's non-custodial MetaMask wallet may have its own MASK token.

Lubin tweeted in response to speculation by Coindesk journalist Andrew Thurman that MetaMask would never issue its own digital asset because investment bank JPMorgan, which owns at least 10% of ConsenSys, does not want tokens on its balance sheet.

"Wen $MASK? Stay tuned," Lubin wrote.

With relatively high service fee of 0.875% per trade, MetaMask is a profitable business with 10 million active users. According to Momir Amidzic, Senior Associate at IOSG Ventures, in 2021 alone, the MetaMask wallet brought the company more than $195.5 million.

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