Publicly traded companies with Bitcoin exposure are flying

The share prices of listed companies with a high level of exposure to Bitcoin are soaring on Monday as investors seek exposure to the digital asset. 

Unlike the average stand alone investor, institutions cannot just set up an account on a crypto exchange and buy Bitcoin.

They are limited for liquidity, regulatory and other reasons, therefore they prefer in some cases to invest in funds on publicly listed companies with exposure to digital assets.

Riot Blockchain is up by 16.43% at the time of writing, just a few days after the company confirmed it mined a total of 464 Bitcoins in October.

By the end of next year Riot is expecting to house a hashrate capacity in the region of 8.6 EH/s.

On the day that Michael Saylor is sitting down for a two hour conversation with Anthony Pompliano to discuss Bitcoin, his company Microstrategy is up by 8.56%.

Amid the noise yesterday surrounding Elon Musk and his Twitter poll, Saylor cheekily tried to convince the Tesla CEO to convert the Tesla balance sheet into Bitcoin.

“If the goal is diversification, an alternate strategy to consider is converting the $TSLA balance sheet to a #Bitcoin Standard and purchasing $25 billion in $BTC,” Saylor said.

“That would deliver diversification, inflation protection, & more upside for all investors in a tax efficient manner.”

Marathon Digital Holdings added 18.5% to its stock value on Monday, as it recently established its position as one of the largest enterprise self-mining companies in North America.

Marathon produced 417.7 self-mined Bitcoin during October 2021, bringing its total holdings to 7,453.

Back in August, Fidelity bought a 7.4% stake in Marathon Digital Holdings, a move that has already paid off.

Even for retail investors, buying shares in publicly listed companies with high levels of exposure can be a tax-efficient way to invest in Bitcoin or other digital assets, depending on one’s own circumstances.

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