Billionaire Tom Steyer calls Bitcoin disaster for the environment

American hedge fund billionaire, politician and environmentalist Tom Steyer, in an interview with Yahoo Finance, called Bitcoin "a huge user of electricity" and a threat to the environment due to the dependence of the energy system on fossil fuels.

Steyer also spoke negatively about Bitcoin mining ventures looking for cheap dirty energy to maximize profits.

"The idea being you don't have to transport the coal – it's much cheaper and we'll be able to create Bitcoin at a big spread to the current price. This is a great money making opportunity. That is a disaster. That is a straight up disaster," he said.

Steyer acknowledged that with the transition to sustainable generation of electricity, as well as smart electricity use, the environmental impact of Bitcoin would not have been as devastating.

Earlier, Elon Musk said that Tesla will resume selling electric cars for BTC when it receives confirmation that at least half of the miners are using renewable energy.

In turn, the founder and head of the BTC.TOP pool, Jiang Zhuer, told him that as a result of the persecution of mining by the Chinese authorities, more than half of the Bitcoin hashrate is already generated on the basis of green energy.

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