Venezuela airport to accept crypto

The Maiquetía "Simón Bolívar" International Airport in Venezuela will add the ability to pay for air tickets and other services using Bitcoin, DASH and the national digital currency El Petro.

The director of the airport, Freddy Borges, said that the payment process in cryptocurrencies is organized in accordance with the requirements of the local regulator. For this, the company is adapting its payment system.

According to Borges, the airport strives to offer innovative technologies and convenient payment methods not only to local passengers, but also to foreign tourists.

Earlier in August, the Venezuelan airline Turpial Airlines made it possible to pay for air tickets in BTC.

In November 2020, the Venezuelan branch of Pizza Hut began accepting bitcoin for payment.

In April 2021, the largest aviation training center in the country, Caracas Air, added the same opportunity.

Venezuela will also launch the CBDC called Digital bolívar in October. Simultaneously with the release of the CBDC, the country will undergo a denomination and make a million-to-1 change in its currency, eliminating six zeros from prices in the Venezuelan bolívar.

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