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El Salvador to build pet hospital using bitcoin profits

El Salvador will use part of the profits from bitcoin transactions for the construction of a veterinary clinic. This was announced by President Nayib Bukele on October 10.

In late August, the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador agreed to create a $150 million fund to provide for bitcoin and dollar exchanges.

According to Bukele, there was an "accounting problem" in the trust. Amid rising bitcoin prices, the structure has developed a surplus of $4 million, which the "state-owned Chivo" wallet can dispose of without affecting its volume.

Bukele announced that some of the money would be invested in building a veterinary hospital that includes four operating rooms, four urgent care clinics, 19 offices and a rehabilitation area.

Bukele added that the hospital will have capacity for 64 surgeries, 128 emergencies and about 400 general admissions a day, and shared a computerized mock-up of the hospital on social media.

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