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Critical vulnerability found in Ethereum 2.0 staking protocols

Dmitri Tsumak, co-founder of the Ethereum 2.0 Stake Wise staking service, discovered a vulnerability in the competing Rocket Pool and Lido protocols that could lead to the theft of user funds.

The developer refrained from publicly disclosing the details of the bug. Rocket Pool and Lido Finance have confirmed the information.

Rocket Pool postponed the launch to mainnet scheduled for October 6.

The project has also assigned a bug bounty program ($100,000) in the Immunefi service.

According to Lido Finance, about 20,000 ETH (~ $ 71.5 million) were at risk.

The Rocket Pool team announced that it will begin testing the proposed proof of concept fix next week. The developers "are in close communication" with the auditors from Sigma Prime that will confirm the fix from October 18th.

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