Tezos to host Web3 startup platform from Entrepreneur First

Aspiring entrepreneurs can find investors, founders and mentors on the new platform.

Entrepreneur First, an international Talent Investor focused on supporting individuals to build technology companies, announced on Monday the launch of a blockchain-focused company-building platform for Tezos Ecosystem called Entrepreneur First Web3.

The collaboration aims to attract new potential founders to web3. The new platform will help talents find a co-founder with whom they will develop ideas and pitch for investment in three to six months. Technical training and guidance will be provided by experts from the Tezos community.

The new venture will be accepting applications until the end of May 2022, selecting two groups of 40-50 founders to participate in a six-month full-time program in London. Successful candidates will receive support in the form of funding, experience and mentorship, as well as will gain access to Entrepreneur First’s renowned network of investors, founders, and mentors.

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