Michael Burry takes swipe at Elon Musk on Twitter 

Michael Burry tweets are few and far between, but when he does them, they tend to be feisty.

Then, shortly after his tweets create a stir on social media, Burry has a habit of deleting them.

His latest target is none other than Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Burry took aim at Tesla’s use of government subsidies “on the backs of taxpayers who don’t own your cars”.

Burry, whose tweet is now deleted, was responding to a tweet by Musk in which the businessman wished rival American EV manufacturer Rivian well following their recent stock market debut.

“I hope they’re able to achieve high production & breakeven cash flow,” Musk said. “That is the true test.”

“There have been hundreds of automotive startups, both electric & combustion, but Tesla is only American carmaker to reach high volume production & positive cash flow in past 100 years.”

It was seemingly cordial stuff until Burry, who was famously shorting Tesla stock, entered the fray.

Comments were also made by Burry earlier this week suggesting that Musk’s decision to sell Tesla stock may be to cover his debts.

Burry also revealed that he was no longer shorting Tesla, amid speculation that he was squeezed out as investors continued to put faith in the EV company’s stock.

His recent tweet suggests there is some animosity between the two, or at least on Burry’s side.

So far, Musk has resisted the temptation of firing back.

With the Tesla share price down by 10% over the past five days, as Elon Musk unloaded some of his stock following his Twitter poll, the story is very much unfolding.

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