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Tesla Launch Electric Reactions

Tesla makes you smile. Tesla doesn't need ads, happy consumers share and spread it word of mouth. INCREDBLWOOW!

Tesla launch reactions compilation

It so awesome seeing that down-to-earth people love the speed so much. It's the exact same feeling as a roller coaster.

With a hidden camera installed, we take unsuspecting riders for an "Insane" ride in the Tesla car.

Experience this kind of airplane takeoffs acceleration! It's electric!

Try not to laugh...

One commenter writes: Tesla is incredible is the future, I love you Tesla.

The kids are the most adaptable to the changing environment, which is no surprise as kids are hyper learners.

But it is still possible to regain your childhood through Tesla enlightenment.

It's Grandad's turn, who is representing the cars generation with real engines. These people take Tesla's whining like champs.

Bringing grandma to a childlike state. Like a kid in a candy store.

These Tesla videos will never get old. One commenter writes: "I love the TESLA facelifting function"

Any car that can make you smile as soon as you step on the pedal is solid gold in my book.

This is how you get your daughters off the phone.

You know the car is fast when you scare a race pilot

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