Evergrande Major Transaction

Evergrande Property Services Group announced the trading halt on Monday morning pending a release related to a possible takeover or merger and a “general offer for the shares of the Company”, FT

China Evergrande’s property management division clarified it had suspended trading in its shares on Monday pending a possible takeover offer as China’s most indebted developer sought to sell assets to ease its rolling debt crisis, FT reports.

Evergrande's Hong Kong shares suspended pending 'major' transaction

Two weeks after markets tumbled on Evergrande, only to completely forget that China's property sector is about to be gripped by a major crisis, futures got dinged on Sunday night and Hong Kong stocks slumped the most in two weeks after shares in Evergrande and its property management unit were suspended from trading Monday in Hong Kong, as traders eyed a fresh debt test for the developer.

No reason was given for the halts Monday, with shares of another unit, China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle still trading in Hong Kong, according to ZeroHedge.

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