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iPhone 13 production slowed

iPhone 13 production slowed by Vietnam Covid outbreak

If you order the new iPhone, it is possible that you will have to wait for delivery. As per reports, the waves of Covid infections in Vietnam have slowed the production of the components for Apple products. Apple is reportedly facing issues in keeping up with demand for its newly launched iPhone 13 model. A Nikkei report has revealed that the delivery times for the new iPhones have extended even further due to the impacts of COVID-19, this supply chain disruption is estimated to ease as early as mid October.

According to Nikkei Asia, a significant number of camera components are assembled in Vietnam. The country is currently the epicenter of a coronavirus outbreak.

"Assemblers can still produce the new iPhones, but there's a supply gap [in] that the inventories of the camera modules are running low," one of the executives with direct knowledge told Nikkei Asia. "There's nothing we can do but to monitor the situation in Vietnam every day and wait for them to ramp up the output."

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