Top FinTwits for August 2021

Top FinTwits for August 2021 from the brightest financial minds

Welcome to August 2021!

If a month starts on a Sunday, that month will always have a Friday the 13th. This year is no exception, in 2021, the 13th of this month is a Friday.

Historically, August has always been a month that starts off weak and among the worst months of year for the stock market. But before we plunge into August depression, here are the best FinTwit pearls to cheer up your mood.

Repeat with me, August will be the best month! Otherwise, Dave Portnoy will start to hate you.

If your bitcoin advisor hasn’t warned you about the myriad dangers permeating the crypto world yet, fire them - Dan Held.

And another one from Dan Held to make the whole Treasury Department chuckle: Only invest in Dollars what you are comfortable losing.

A quick reminder, it is still a criminal offence on your part to go into a restaurant and order a meal with the intention of not paying for it. However:

You heard the news we broke: Jack bought AfterPay. FinTwit still cracks some jokes.

We had many good laughs together. Thank you, Ramp Capital!

China is closing, again?

Jennifer Zeng 曾錚 posts:

This is a big deal. China watchers, investors & policy/decision makers, pay attention: CCP has stopped issuing ordinary passports & other entry & exit documents if u don't have "essential or emergent reasons". This means the CCP is closing its doors again.

Tokyo 2020 campaign is in full swing, Bored Elon too:

As Bitcoin briefly tumbles below 39,000 again, Jack reminds us that crypto markets are crypto:

Did you know that one of the first Amazon orders came from.. Bulgaria?

Many traders develop an emotional attachment to the stock, learn to master your emotions.

Another meme becomes reality at Tokyo Olympics.

So, crypto enthusiasts say $28 billion tax plan in the infrastructure bill poses an 'imminent threat' to cryptocurrencies:

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