What is FinTwit?

FinTwit is an alternative platform of the Twitter vibrant community that brings together many iconic and experienced market players, as well as notable traders and investors. No matter crypto or forex or bond traders. We can make trades in various markets, including the stock market, foreign exchange market, and options market. Or just post memes with 10 Year Yields.

We tweet trading ideas, active trades, personal portfolios and well thought out insights about financial securities.

Investors around the world are increasingly using FinTwit to stay abreast of the financial market and make informed investment decisions.

You can even accidentally stumble upon FinTwit while browsing on Twitter, in other words, it is relatively easy to become a FinTwit user. If you do not have time to sit and go through a ton of information and all the noise on Twitter, you can easily find the FinTwits you need using hashtags or cashtags in the search menu.

Yes, you can turn your feed into an instant news source without leaving Twitter.

And if you do not want to subscribe to a thousand accounts, all this can be done using the customization of your Lists – a special function of Twitter.

You will have a dedicated and customized Twitter feed absolutely free of charge.

You must always remember that you should not completely trust and rely on information from Twitter. It can only guide you to understand and assess the situation in the market, you should always make financial decisions with a cool head.

If you’re new to investing or a seasoned trader who just wants to listen to what others in the space are saying, head over to FinTwit and have your eyes opened to how much free information there is available right at your fingertips.

FinTwit is an exceptionally active global community , with leading hedge fund managers and investment students engaging online on key topics and learning along the way.

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